Flower Market

What makes Poppies and Peonies different?

For me, I always wanted Poppies & Peonies to be more than a florist. I wanted to it be the beating heart of a local community, I wanted it to be passionate about flowers, not just for the special occasions but for the everyday, but beyond this, I wanted it to be considerate of nature, conscious of sustainability and inherently local British produce.

Perhaps what started it all was when I learnt that just fifty years ago, British flowers were a booming industry, able to supply 90% of the countries flower demands and there were endless supply of locally grown, natural and beautiful flowers. However, over time, supply shifted from the UK to Holland and beyond to Kenya, Morocco and Israel – all nations whose governments subsidised the growers and invested in the industry. The UK was left behind and now consequently, it imports 90% of the flowers it sells.

Locally grown firstly means there are no long-haul flights involved, neither are there any pesticide or fertiliser used – everything is grown naturally. At Poppies & Peonies we also use less plastic, less packaging and recycle as much as physically possible. I love the joy a bouquet can bring but I’m conscious of how polluting the industry can be which is why with Poppies & Peonies, I have always tried to ensure that sustainability was at the heart of everything I do.

With Poppies & Peonies, I like to create bouquets that evoke the senses. Scents that take you back to your childhood, colours and flowers that reflect the seasons and the use of foliage, herbs and green foraged that give a natural touch. No bouquet is ever the same as the last.

For those that know me, know that I love foraging. Whether it be plucking some herbs from my garden or hunting for foliage wherever possible. I’m always on the lookout for that extra something. I love how it adds such an added depth to every bouquet, from the smell to the touch and its abundant all year round.

With Poppies & Peonies, I have always wanted to share my passion and knowledge, it is why I have created workshops where I get to share with others how to make their own beautiful bouquets or Christmas wreaths. With these journals, I want to share even more of my knowledge – whether that be the low-down on my suppliers or the little things we can all do to be more sustainable at home.